About The Artist

Artist's Statement

When I paint, I have an encounter with color and with the medium I am using at the moment. I bring with me all I love and want to have around, all I find problematical and want to understand, all I want to confront, and all I want to celebrate and even try to bring into a state of peace and joy. To do this, I begin usually with color and keep putting down color, often till I find out what it is all about at the time. My work is about seeing, listening, and bringing into awareness. It is also about joy, the joy of mark making, of swimming in and with color, of shape and space and just the amazingness of being here and being able to play or search with the materials.

- Isabeth Hardy, spring, 2010


Biographical information

An artist and educator, Isabeth Bakke Hardy has a BA in American Literature from Middlebury College, Vermont, and a Master's Degree in Cultural Education from Vermont College. She spent more than twenty years involved in the founding of and teaching at the Circle School, in San Antiono Texas. The Circle School, still in operation today, is a creative school for children ages 3-10. The school is based on the inspiration of the painter Nicholas Roerich, who fostered the concept of peace through culture and building education on the arts. Within the last decade, Hardy has been making monoprints, as well as continuing her exploration of oils and watercolors. Hardy's paintings and prints are in private collections and the Readers' Digest collection.